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Take Off 

In the vast sky, a young cloud named Cirrus aspired to be a pilot. He joined the Pilot Academy with boundless determination but faced challenges as time passed. His persistence led to initial success, but his excessive efforts took a toll. Struggling with the demanding curriculum, Cirrus learned the balance between persistence and overexertion on his journey to becoming a pilot.

Artboard 1.jpg

Prof. nimbus character created by 'Derick Garcia' and Cirrus character created by ' Luis Mendez'.  Sketches made by me. 

Lost and Found 

In a bustling city, a small cat finds itself abandoned in a corner of the streets. Left to fend for itself, the hungry cat embarks on a search for food amidst the urban landscape. The cat's journey takes an uncertain turn as it navigates the challenges of survival in the big city, hoping to find a stroke of luck that leads to a much-needed meal.

Artboard 2.jpg

Characters and Sketches are made entirely by me.

Game Over 

A perplexing game starts to overwhelm a teenager, causing stress and frustration. Eventually, feeling defeated, she gives in and decides to take a nap. However, her situation takes a surreal turn when she awakens within the very same video game where she had been experiencing continuous losses. Now trapped in the game world, she must navigate its challenges to unravel the mysteries it holds.

Artboard 1.jpg

Characters and Sketches are made entirely by me.

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