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With a mission to create immersive experiences and a vision for pushing the boundaries of storytelling, these projects are sure to captivate and delight audiences. 

Take Off.jpg

Take Off Shortfilm

An inspiring story of a young boy's relentless pursuit of his dream to become a pilot.

Virus Shortfilm

Story about a devastating virus has swept across the globe, turning people into mindless, virus-infected creatures.

Bubble Head.jpg

Bubble Head Shortfilm

Heartwarming tale of Arlo's self-discovery and the power of being true to oneself.

An Ants Journey Shortfilm

Group of determined ants embarks on an extraordinary journey to ensure their survival against all odds.

An Ants Journey.jpg
Abuela Querida.jpg

Abuela Querida Shortfilm

Heartwarming tale of a young girl's enchanting dream adventure with her grandmother.

Lost and Found Shortfilm

A tiny cat that finds himself alone and abandoned on the cold, unforgiving streets. 

Lost and Found Shortfilm.jpg
Mommy Wittle Chef.jpg

Mommy's Wittle Chef Shortfilm

A little kid who dreams of becoming a great chef like her mother. Despite the chaos that ensues in the competition.

The Mailgator Shortfilm

Drilo the cocodrile is having some issues with one last delivery and embarks on a journey of finding the owner of that last package.

The Mailgator.jpg
Starlight Surfer.jpg

Starlight Surfer Shortfilm

A star who falls to an island and helps a kid that wants to become the best surfer in return of going back home.

Darkode Club GameJam

A cyberpunk-style game where the player character goes to a bar to eliminate a boss, but during the fight, they also have to deal with smaller enemies.

Darkode Club.jpg
Flying High.jpg

Flying High GameJam

Clicker game in which you have to click on Bob to enter another dimension through his bong.

Depths GameJam

The shark is trying to survive the water pollution caused by an oil accident. By navigating the ocean and eating fish to heal, he encounters larger sharks that can kill him.

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